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Bali - Island of the Gods

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rice terraces Balinese Landscape

Bali - that sounds like blue sky, sunshine, palm beach und ocean, ...

White beaches of Bali
White beaches of Bali

...but the Indonesian tourist Mecca offers other marvellous views, too.
Over many generations the Balinese have cultivated their island.

A finely balanced water system distributes the life-giving fluid to numerous artificially created rice terraces. In flat areas as well as in narrow valleys, everywhere the fresh green rice terraces dominate the Balinese landscape.

Riceterrace at Pujung
Rice terrace at  Pujung: a Stop Over at our
"Volcano Tour" and "Tampaksiring Tour"

The fertility of this island is created by an ideal combination of wet tropical climate and rich volcanic soil.

If the sky is without clouds, these still active volcanoes can be seen from far across the island. In some areas they rise out of deep jungle up to over 3000m.

The Vulcano Gunung Agung
The Volcano Gunung Agung
we will visit this volcano on our "Besakih Tour" of  Villa Orchid Bali

Honoured and respected by the Balinese people these volcanoes are an important element in this island's culture. This is apparent everywhere in daily life as well as in the countryside, like probably nowhere else in the world.

Ricefields at Petulu
Broad rice fields at Petulu
such a countryside is waiting for you at all "walks" around  Villa Orchid Bali

You will find in Bali places for offerings in caves, at springs, rivers, and very old trees, as well as at road crossings, bridges and in nearly all rice fields. The daily offerings at these places should guaranty protection from demons und ensure good harvests and wealth.

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