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Round Trips near Villa Orchid Round Trips near Villa Orchid

Round trips and relaxing walks start already in front of the entrance to
Villa Orchid Bali.

Ubud Ubud

From Villa Orchid Bali to:

Keliki / rice terraces and jungle paths

to Kelabang Moding and Ubud

to Jungjungan, Petulu and Ubud

to Taman, Kutuh and Ubud

and back !!

as you see, there are much more possibilities

From Keliki passing rice terraces, jungle paths, a deep valley and unbelievable landscape
until you come back to Villa Orchid Bali.
about 3 - 5 hours, depends on all kinds of small-talks on the way

friendly Balinese people
friendly Balinese people

Actually, this walk "has to be done", if someone is really interested in feeling the true Bali, the famous landscape, the culture and getting in touch with the originally Balinese way of life. We are driving to our starting point near Keliki.
From here we walk along rice fields, through jungle paths and an unbelievable countryside, meeting lots of interesting Balinese people in their daily life. Finally we arrived back home at Villa Orchid Bali.
Read a complete Tour-Impression

zum Seitenanfang

From Villa Orchid Bali to Kelabang Moding and Ubud

Kulkul in Abangan
KulKul in Abangan

There leads a nice road to our neighbouring village Kelabang Moding. You will reach this little village after about 1km and while walking down the village main road, you see the real Balinese daily life on the road, in the houses and temples. May be a ceremony with cockfighting takes place, where you can stop by and watch, or you may be invited by friendly villagers into their houses. If you go on further south you will pass lots of rice fields and the village of Sakti. Finally you end up in Ubud, direct at the kings palace and the big meeting hall.

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From Villa Orchid Bali to Jungjungan, Petulu and Ubud

Kecak Dancer in Jungjungan
Kecak Dancer in Jungjungan

Kokokan Birds of Petulu
Kokokan Birds of Petulu

If you start from Villa Orchid to the east, you will pass lots of rice fields and rice terraces, too, till you finally reach the village of Jungjungan. In front of the mystic temple of this village the "Kecak" dance is performed on each Monday evening. About 140 to 160 villagers from Jungjungan take part in this dance, - each family supports the dance event with at least one active dancer.

Near this village the way splits either to Taman or to Petulu. Petulu is famous for its white heron birds (Kokokan). Thousands of these birds nest in the trees right and left to the village's main and between two temples. These animals are protected by the villagers of Petulu, because they believe, the birds host the souls of people who were killed in a massacre in 1965. Since that year the elegant heron birds attrakt tourists to come to Petulu. Following the main road you will reach the big road to Tegallalang, which would bring you further north to Lake Batur and Kintamani. To the south, this road will lead you to Ubud, while you pass many small shops with all kinds of handicrafts.

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From Villa Orchid Bali to Jungjungan, Taman, Kutuh and Ubud

Barong Ceremony on the Road
Barong Ceremony on the Road

Ceremony in the Temple of Abangan
Ceremony in the Temple of Abangan

Who chooses the other road to at that road crossing, we mentioned above, will come to Taman and Kutuh and finally to Ubud. This way is accompanied by little streams or brooks, - which are part of the Balinese water system the "Subak". All roads pass temples and rice fields with working farmers (petani), often you may see Balinese washing their clothes or themselves in these small waterways.

For the easiest way back you can use a so called "transport" or a taxi. Wherever someone walks on the road, he is asked for "transport".
The tariff back to Villa Orchid Bali costs about 15.000 to 20.000 Rupiah. To know this can often shorten unnecessary price debates.

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