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Guests and Parties at Villa Orchid Bali Guests and Parties

Petra's Geburtstag in Villa Orchid Bali
Petras Geburtstag in Villa Orchid Bali

If we could think about something very special? And of course it should be possible to arrange it! All preparations have to be done hidden from Petra, because it should become a birthday surprise for Rolf Müller-Wondorf's wife.

Petra's birthday in Villa Orchid Bali and

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Bebek Betutu

A Balinese speciality from our area around Ubud and always a very tasty event at
Villa Orchid Bali.

our "delicious" Bebek Betutu story

Bebek Betutu
Bebek Betutu

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Gunung Nasi in Villa Orchid Bali
Gunung Nasi in Villa Orchid Bali

Rice Plate "GUNUNG NASI"

A Balinese speciality, which is prepared at the day when a baby is born, its following birthdays, or at other festive occasions.

Around yellow Safran rice (Nasi Kuning), which is built up in several levels to a little tower, typical Balinese specialities like Tahu, Tempe, Soya sprouts, chicken, duck,... are placed.

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