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Offerings House Ceremony

Before any new building can begin in Bali there must be a holy ceremony to ensure God's welfare for the new house. For  Villa Orchid Bali  this Upacara took place in January 2000. For this event a priest was brought to the construction ground, where numerous offerings were prepared.

Priest with his Offerings
Priest with his Offerings,
in the background Architect Ketut Arthana and Gerhard

While the priest is praying several Mantras, he sprinkles holy water (tirta) into all four quarters, each of which are dedicated to the main Gods.
Each construction of a new house has to follow strict, religious rules. In traditional houses these rules determine where temple, living, guest, and cooking area should be placed.

Prayers get Tirta
Prayers get Tirta

The priest is assisted by helpers, who walk around the ground to spread the priest's consecration. At the end of such a house ceremony the priest blesses the helpers and the guests who accompanied this event. All temples are fully packed with offerings, mostly blossoms and braided palm leaves.

The whole scene is protected by umbrellas, providing the necessary shade for all the Gods, who may be just passing by.

As is usual at many special events in Bali, the house ceremony for  Villa Orchid Bali  was accompanied by gamelan music. The orchestra of men was from the neighbouring village Kelabang-Moding.

Gamelan Orchestra of Kelabang-Moding
Gamelan Orchestra of Kelabang-Moding
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