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We in  Villa Orchid Bali  live in the area of Banjar Abangan and we are well integrated into the culture and tradition (adat) of this village.

Pak Seri
Pak Seri

Friendly and attentive all day long is Pak Seri, who has his sawah (rice fields) north of our area. He is always helpful and likes joking, but he works hard to get three harvests a year, which climatic conditions in Bali allow. No one climbs the coconut of up to 30Meters as fast as he, with lightness and agility in the palm's crown. He climbs the trees not only for the coconut fruit, but also to remove the old fronds and cut new ones for use in offerings.

In his profession as chief of the village (Kepala Banjar) has to manage all administration issues that happen during daily village life. People ask for his help at marriage, birth and death, or to extend their ID-cards. He arranges necessary meetings and settles in disputes of the villagers, what may happen from time to time.

Kepala Desa
Kepala Banjar: I Ketut Namo (middle)
Kepala Adat
Kepala Adat: I Wayan Kasnu bores for Water near his House

I Wayan Kasnu, the Kepala Adat, helps to preserve all traditional rules, based on custom laws and rights (adat). He is responsible for performance and coordination of all ceremonies in the village. The most important ceremonies are Galungan and Kuningan. During this 10days period all gods stay on earth, including the highest goddess Sanghyang Widi and the trinity of Brahma, Shiwa and Vishnu. This temple ceremony is celebrated all 210 days at the end of year according to the Balinese calendar. An other new year ceremony is Nyepi; this odalan of absolute silence should cheat all demon to leave this island.

Since more than 6 years our amiable neighbours Vera and Henk from the Netherlands are living in their comfortable house in Abangan. They helped to make the Barong of Abangan the probably best protected in whole Bali. They donated an alarm system that prevents effective against stealing the valuable, myth fiction animal, the fighter for good. Sometimes the rivalry between the villages let this happen, to the laughing-stock and the harm of the robbed village.

Vera and Henk
Vera Middelkoop and Henk Hollemans
Iz and Wayan
Iz and Wayan on a Visit to Villa Orchid

A multiform artist from Karlruhe (Germany) is Iz, who lives and paints on Bali in our nearest neighbourhood since many years, too. His artist's works and his activities with brush, color and canvas are changing from time to time, depending on inspiration and mood.

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