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our Team our Team out team

In  Villa Orchid Bali  our Team has become part of our life ..... and last but not least is  Axel , our guardian shepherd dog.

Ni Ketut
Ni Ketut

Ni Ketut, who is living with her family in Petulu, cooks for us in the kitchen and is responsible for a clean enviroment. The village Petulu is just 2km away from  Villa Orchid Bali, where people watch every evening the spectacular flight of thousands of Kokokan birds coming home to nest in the trees. During bright moonlit nights this impressive event brings many interested spectators to this village. As if in a fantasy, the pathway between the two temples is transformed by the shiny white blossoming trees.

Ketut's original home village is Singaraja, but after his marriage with a young woman from Abangan he moved to Abangan. In the meantime his family has grown and Ketut lives now together with his wife and 2 children within our compound in our staff-house.

Ketut is responsible for the safety during our absence. He has big support by our German shepherd "Axel" and our Balinese street dog "Biggie". The entire work connected with a huge tropical garden is immense and has to be done together with Pak Made.

It is also very important, that the pool is working without any problems, and always well maintained conditions. Small repairs on the buildings, the machines and on the electrical devices mostly aren't a problem for Ketut to fix them.

I Ketut
I Ketut
I Made
I Made

Made is a very reliable young man from Abangan. His responsibility is connected with all the work in the huge garden. There is a lot of gardening to do in a compound as large as 5,500qm. The tropical climate and the special conditions around Ubud let the plants and trees grow so fast, one nearly can watch them how they grow. Very often we have to replace, to cut, to change and to fertilize the plants.

No doubts, sometimes we have undertake pest control and to spray against destructive insects to keep our garden in good order. All the ponds, water basins and fountains have to get a special care and maintenance. There is always something to do for Pak Made and Pak Ketut.

There is always much to do .... but it all pleases one  s l o w l y.

Ibu Ayu lives in a nearby village "Sebali", arriving every morning by her little motorcycle. Together with Ni Ketut she handles all the kitchen work and takes care of the rooms and bungalows and keep them clean and in order. Preparing a nice breakfast for our guests and serving it with a big smile and Balinese friendliness is for granted.

Her baked and cooked homemade "snacks" against the "little hunger" during the noon time, served near the pool are tasty and very often praised by guests.

Ibu Ayu
Ibu Ayu
our Team
our Team

Bali's fertile soil, abundant water and its tropical climate encourage the rapid, intensive growth of all plant life. The Balinese natural sense for beauty helps to create lovely garden environments. The holy Banyan tree, with its impressive shade, is decorated with black-and-white checker-board cloth and blends nicely with the beautiful, fragrant blossoms of the Frangipani tree.

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